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Published: pepthorikab1988

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Description: That there were no surprises with the hostel, after obtained a visa, you must write to the dormitory, and in a polite and very friendly hostel manager form of thank for the opportunity to place … of …. months … years, and report that a student visa you have already opened. And what about such and such numbers of such month you arrive in Austria. And perhaps you will come 1-5 days before or after the 1st day of the month armored. As you may be in this casex Or you arrive late on Sunday, would anyone have to place there. Or some other nuances … to talk to people, keep in touch with them. You go to their house, and not vice versa. And be sure to report on how many you have bought a ticket, and how about an hour what day you arrive to the hostel. I believe that many of the problems of Diana – the inability to communicate with people. Yes, Austrians love courtesy, communication, and do not like it when a person behaves as a "portfolio".

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