Impact of live tutoring on student’s progress

Tutoring is the ability to impart knowledge to others who need it. The concept of live tutoring is rooted in the fact that it is a learner centric mode of education or training. Tutors are facilitators who will actually help a student to increase their levels of competence or proficiency in a chosen subject. This means that the success of the live tutoring methodology is based on measuring progress of the learner across the entire tuition period.

It is not uncommon for students to opt for tuitions in subjects they need to excel at or even those where they genuinely are lagging behind. Both these situations present a different challenge for the tutor and hence require a different measurement criterion.  The impact of live tutoring on a student’s progress is typically measured applying the following principles:

-Agree on the objectives of learning: What is it that the student wants to achieve on the live tutoring sessions and how long should the sessions be?

-What is the student’s current understanding of the subject : Tutors use an assessment tool or a questionnaire or an interview session to monitor and measure the student’s current grasp of the subject and then decide if they have to customize the sessions for the student or not.

-Decide on a learning plan: The teacher and the student have to agree on a teaching plan and appropriate assessment criterion at the beginning of the session. This learning plan helps the teacher to focus on student’s areas of development or focus on their strengths as the case may be.

Measure and monitor progress: The tutor has to ensure the student is able to work through the learning plan within the time allotted and if that does not happen they should be  able to re work the learning plan to accommodate the student’s pace of learning. The impact of the measuring and monitoring process is that the student is able to move on to the next level on the learning plan only once they have completed the pre-ceding levels. This also ensures that the student is not wasting the tutoring sessions on things they know as the tutor may be able to customize more assessments in-between to assess the student’s readiness for advanced learning.

Monitoring progress is also a great tool to ensure student teacher participation in the sessions. It is parents who are paying for these sessions and these assessments and discussions and live and mock tests that the tutors give the students provide an assurance to the parents that the sessions are working well for their ward.  Some of the live tutoring sessions can also be recorded and the student has the ability to play these back for their review and understanding.  These recorded sessions often have quizzes and questions for students to work on beyond the usual teaching hours and the tutors can then discuss these with the student. All this helps the students move away from complacency and comfort zones to explore and stretch their learning experience to their advantage.


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