Making Progress on Your Live Study

Most of us who have gone on to choose the on line study channel have actually acquired our basic education in the traditional systems.  One of the key challenges faced in on line or live study is that we really do not know if we are actually moving ahead or running at the same point.  In order to really make the most of your live study sessions it is important to understand that:

Live education is different from traditional education: The online mode is more a learner centric mode of education and it is important to understand that while learner’s can set our learning plans to their own pace, they need to be personally accountable for what they sign up for.

-Computers and technology cannot be ignored in online education and it is important to know the use of computers, internet and basic interactive technology use to be able to make real progress in the chosen subject.

Discipline and honesty: Sometimes it may not be too difficult to pass the assessment sessions within the modules and it is in the learner’s interest to be honest and disciplined while doing these sessions. Attempting to fast track these assessments can waste a whole lot of time later when the real examination will be conducted online. Students have to be honest and if they are unable to make progress or understand a topic they should be able to seek out extra help from tutors and instructors.

To make progress on live study it is important to be regular and disciplined. The instructors try and adhere to your schedule and pace but they will also be able to deliver what they promise if the learners do what they need to.  Assignments must be done, questions must be asked, learning plan progress must be reported and a healthy feedback session must be entertained with the instructor to be able to get a clear measure of the progress in the live study mode.

Students tend to ignore the instructor’s feedback in an online session as sometimes it is not very direct and at other times it is on matters beyond a student’s control such as the student’s inability to comprehend the instructor’s accent. In such situations it is important to have an honest interaction with the instructor and agree on the next steps.

Some ways to ensure a learner makes progress on their live study is:

-Be regular on the sessions

-Adhere to the learning plan and focus on the objectives

-Give and take honest feedback

-Understand computers and technology and leverage all knowledge resources provided by the live study system.

-Participate in peer discussions.

-Ask for periodic progress monitors and assessments from Instructors

-Ask for readjustments of learning plans if you are lagging behind on the assessments for whatever reasons.

-Stay honest and committed and do not be discouraged if it does not work well initially.

Learning on line can be fun as it opens up a lot of opportunities to collaborate with like minded people over the learning platforms.





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