Simple Tips for Tutors for Better Results of Their Students

You can tutor without even leaving your home in these days of online classrooms, online whiteboards, Skype, video chatting, and instant messaging. All you need to provide online educational help is a computer, internet access, and a method of accepting payment.

Regarding payments, if you are being paid directly by the students or their parents rather than by an intermediary site, it may be best to ask for all or at least an agreed-upon percentage of the money upfront. You can always refund the money or an agreed-upon portion of it if things don’t work out between the two of you or the results of the tutoring aren’t what were expected, but it’s better to have to refund than not to be paid at all.

If you are being paid by an intermediary site such at, the student is required to have funds uploaded to their account. If there are no funds in the account, you won’t even be allowed to interact with them until the funds are replenished.

You can also tutor offline (in your students’ homes, in your home, in a library or school setting, at a Boys and Girls Club, or at the offices of a tutoring business such as Sylvan Learning Centers).

One of the most important things to remember when you want to be a tutor is that you need to know the material you are teaching quite well. You need to know considerably more about the subject that is being taught than the person you are tutoring.

But knowledge of the material may not be the most important factor in being a good tutor. You need to be a ‘people person’ so that you can teach the material to your tutees in an engaging yet educational manner. If you know the material backward, forward, and upside down but cannot engage with your students they will focus on your poor teaching skills rather than on the material. They may even ask for a new tutor, and there goes your source of additional income.

There are many places to find tutoring jobs. Colleges and universities sometimes offer tutoring jobs as part of a work-study or other financial aid program. There are online sites such as that are always looking for a few good tutors in numerous fields of study. There are also brick-and-mortar tutoring providers such as Sylvan Learning Centers, local Boys and Girls Clubs.

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