Ways to Get the Most Out of Tutoring

If you are considering getting tutored in a subject (or subjects) that you are having problems or difficulties in, there are some things to do to ensure that you get the most out of your tutoring experiences. Whether your educational help is paid or free (or even bartered for) one of the most important choices to make is choosing a tutor. If you are using online paid tutoring, many sites offer tutor matching as well as tutor rankings. Even if you are using free tutoring, ask your prospective tutor for references from other people that they’ve tutored.

A second tip is to commit to getting the most out of your tutoring. Be there (online or offline) when you say you will be, do the assigned problems or homework, ask questions if you don’t understand certain concepts or principles, communicate with your tutor if you aren’t going to be able to attend a scheduled session; in short, don’t expect the tutor to magically improve your grades or your understanding of the material if you can’t or won’t commit to doing the work.

Don’t be afraid to say that a tutoring or live educational help situation just isn’t working for you. Some tutors know the required material extremely well but just aren’t talented at teaching others; it’s best for all parties to end this type of situation quickly and find another tutor that has more people skills. If you are given a chance to rate the tutor you left, don’t trash them. Just because the two of you didn’t click or work well together doesn’t mean that he/she won’t click with other students; be honest but tactful in your ratings and comments.
One exception to the ‘honest but tactful’ tactic mentioned above would be if the tutor you are rating was consistently rude or unhelpful, or wasn’t there for most or all of your scheduled sessions. Another exception to the ‘honest but tactful’ rating would also be if the tutor behaved in inappropriate ways or wanted a relationship outside of the tutoring that you didn’t want.

Don’t expect a paid tutor to continue the contact (online or offline) after the funds on your account has been used up. In fact, on tutoring sites such as Tutor.com, a paid live educational help provider cannot interact with you if there are no funds on your account.

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